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Bartending With Style And Class!!!

My name is Carlo and I have been bartending since 1995.  I started bartending at nightclubs in Downtown Minneapolis.  Bartending is what we do best and I love it.  We can bartend wedding parties, bacholor and bacholorette parties or any type of large or small function. 

What we offer and commonly asked questions

What is your regular hourly Rate.

200 per bartender (first 4 hours). Additional hours are $30.00. We also take tips.  Prices are subject to change during holiday seasons.


Where does Ceelow's Bartending Services Operate?
We serve the Twin Cities greater metropolitan area.


Are your bartenders certified or licensed?
All of our bartenders have had alcohol awareness classes and training. There is no license requirement, nor certification process for the State of Minnesota.


How many bartenders will I need?
Not as many as you think. We are experienced in large volume and premium service. Instead of two or three inexperienced “bodies behind the bar”, we are sending one experienced professional who knows the finer points of the craft.


Do you have Bartender Guys and Bartender Girls?
Yes, male and/or female Staff.


What drinks should I serve on my event?
We will help you create a customized drink menu for your event.


Does Ceelow's Bartending Services provide liquor?
No. We provide a bartender who knows how to serve the alcohol that you provide. We do however have relationships with distributors and may be able to assist you in obtaining discounted prices.

Do the bartenders have their own gear?
Yes, our bartenders will arrive fully equipped to tend the bar you provide.

Contact Us

 If have any question please call us at 612-363-3366 and ask for Carlo.  You can also email me at ceelowbartending@aol.com.

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